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The CPI for all income households for the province of Camarines Sur is 160.2 index points in June 2010. This figure is 4.23 percent higher than the CPI in June 2009 of 153.7 index points.

This month’s provincial inflation rate is the same as the inflation rate of June 2009 which is 4.2 percentage points. Compared to May 2010 inflation rate, this month’s rate is lower by -14.29 percent.

The level of the province’s inflation rate could be attributed to the changes in the indices of major commodity groups, namely, Fuel, Light and Water (16.58%); Food, Beverages and Tobacco (3.59%); Services (3.12%); Clothing (1.41%); Miscellaneous (1.87%); and Housing & Repairs (3.00%).



Prices in Camarines Sur for the month of June went up to 0.50 percent from zero growth in May. A higher price was noted in Food, Beverages and Tobacco (FBT) group index at 0.56 percent from -0.62 percent in May. Among its subgroup, higher price gain was observed in Fruits and Vegetable  item  at   2.10 percent  from  -1.43 percent  in  May.           

Increase in Beverages and Fish items were however slower at 0.19 percent and 0.28 percent. Slower price increments were also noted in Meat and Miscellaneous indices at 0.31 percent and 0.53 percent.  Prices of Dairy Products, Eggs and Tobacco items generally remained stable as its indices had zero growth from 146.9, 163.6 and 134.4, respectively.

Non-Food items recorded an increase of 0.44 percent from 157.8 to 158.5 index points. Clothing and Housing and Repairs remained at 122 and 134.1 index points.  Services group reflected an increment of 0.16 percent from 188.3 to 188.6, Fuel, Light and Water increased by 2.15 percent from 181.7 to 185.6 index points. Miscellaneous group also increased by 0.08 percent from 130.8 to 130.9 index points.

As a result of the price trends cited above, the Purchasing Power of Peso (PPP) of the province of Camarines Sur decreased by 1 (one) centavo from 0.63 to 0.62.




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