25/08/2016 11:34

PSA CAMSUR to Conduct 2016 Updating of the List of Establishments (ULE)

The Updating of the List of Establishment (ULE) is a regular activity of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) undertaken to update the Statistical Business Register (SBR) primarily to provide an updated and reliable sampling frame for business surveys and censuses. The ULE involves: (1) capturing “new” establishments and gathering data on their characteristics; (2) updating the status and characteristics of “old” establishments; and (3) de-listing of establishments no longer operating or with other operation status that should no longer form part of the List of Establishments (LE).

The 2016 ULE covers about 12,000 main office establishments, that is, establishments with economic organization (EO) classified as EO=3 (Establishment and Main Office both located in the same address and with branches elsewhere) or EO=4 (Main Office only). Moreover, around 9,000 barangays without listed establishments since 2012 will also be covered to list existing establishments within the scope and coverage of the ULE.

This undertaking utilizes ULE Form 3 (Establishment Inquiry Form), ULE Form 3A (Main Office Inquiry Form) with ULE Form 2A (List of Branches), and ULE Form 8 (Checklist of Economic Units in the Barangay).

The enumeration (September 1 to October 29, 2016), updating and field editing activities shall be the responsibility of the field offices while the manual and machine processing shall be done by the Central Office.




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